Thoughts on Taking Care of Me

Lessons learned from Automattic/working from home: If you didn’t take care of yourself before, you’re probably not going to start when you find yourself with more time. Remember to practice.

It’s a skill that has to be learned, and it’s easier said than done.

And what I think I need emotionally is usually not actually good for me.

It’s time to learn to put myself first and take care of me–through science.

Emotional me wants to sleep in and lie around and do nothing and say nothing to anyone. That’s not taking care of me, and that’s how I end up chemically depressed. Experience is a good teacher.

Taking care of me: Moving. A lot. Running. Getting up early so I finish my tasks earlier. Timing myself into productivity. Setting realistic, achievable goals. I can take it easier when I have met my goals.

Motivate myself through tiny achievements. One hour of tickets–how many can I do and do WELL? Race MYSELF.

I like to stay up late and sleep in. However, I don’t get jack done when I do that.

Coffee shops? Now THERE is the best of both worlds.

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