On Existence: The Legacies We Leave

I take no issue in finding my own reasons for being here.

I exist to learn hard lessons from some and to teach hard lessons to others; I am here to love and bring joy to those beings who treasure and shelter my soul; and, like every good soul in this world, I exist to Do Good.

But me, personally? I exist to help change “The Script.”

Be that my “divine purpose” bestowed upon me from a loving/vengeful goddess or perhaps created by my own agency really doesn’t matter–it drives everything I do:

Writing, observing, teaching, loving, misunderstanding, correcting myself, supporting others, speaking up and out, biting my tongue when necessary, seeking truth and wisdom, traveling near and far, staying safe at home, holding myself–holding others–accountable, reminding myself and others of their worth, examining power and powerlessness, shifting a the pawn of my limited power this way or that…

For me, it all comes down to changing “The Script.”

The Script: The ingrained narrative that powers the world. We all contribute to it in our own ways, through deliberate, thoughtful, or thoughtless action (or perhaps even ignorant or reticent inaction.)

There are a few things I fundamentally believe:

Our first obligation to the world is to do no harm.

People must endeavor to leave the world better than we found it.

Human beings don’t deserve the unconditional love of dogs (but I am grateful for them anyway).

We are what we DO, not what we say or think.

My favorite college professor-turned-dear-friend taught me about our power: the ripples we make in the world. If, while teaching, she can make a positive impact for a mere three students, if they, too, sally forth into the world and impact an additional three people, who impact another three and another three… suddenly, the change we want to see in the world blooms. Which is why love begets love, joy begets joy, as does cruelty, shame, power.

I sometimes wish I knew why we–life itself–exists, though.

If I am mere lucky SCIENCE, and all that I am, all whom I love, is a random circumstance of a dance of atoms, then I exist to treasure every moment while making life a little more bearable, a little more joyful, a little more secure, for those that I can. I am perhaps but a flash in the pan of the fiery cuisine of life.

One thing is clear, however; whether I am but a momentary crackle or an eternal soul destined to fulfill some otherworldly purpose, whether I continue or cease to exist after my death, the future will roll on.

We all leave a legacy through our participation–or lack of participation–inaction is also a choice bearing consequences–in “The Script”.

I would argue that our residual energy is ever immortal, whether we leave a tome of our quirky genius behind for future generations to grow in their understanding or a connection of ripples touching the rest of the world… or a void where we did not.

Today, I consider my pebbles. Which I choose to toss, which rocks I skip, and the ones I hold onto, contemplating, wondering to whom I might pass them so that they, too, can make their ripples.

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