Love, Hiding in Plain Sight

I knew Jason a little less than two years before we started exclusively dating; I NEVER would have expected to someday fall deeply, madly, passionately in love with him. I originally perceived him to be too different from me–he was someone I respected, however, and utterly brilliant.

Oscar Wilde claimed that there are but two tragedies in this life: 1. not getting what you want, and 2. actually getting it. Then, I suppose, there are the two most incredible joys: the unexpected treasures and experiences that simply drop into your lap one day… and the ones you didn’t know you had waiting for you all along.

It’s wild to think that your twin flame or soulmate might be right under your nose—someone you know or knew, someone at the very periphery of your vision. That with the right nudge, how you perceive someone can shift into crystal clear focus and change the course of your future irrevocably.

So for everyone in the throes of loneliness, break-ups, exhaustion, or a relationship that simply is not quite right for them—know that a shift will come.

The best is yet to be.

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