Kayaking Into the Sunset: Our Bioluminescence Tour in Titusville

One memory I’ve long wanted to make is to take a bioluminescent kayak tour. We made that dream come true last Friday.

According to our guide, there are only five places in the world where one can find bioluminescence like this, and Titusville is #1 — and only a forty-five minute drive away from our home. You have to wait for the sun to fully set before you’ll begin to see the dazzling display — but we saw manatees, dolphins, and plenty of fish as the sun set over the sheltered lagoon.

In the dark, it doesn’t photograph particularly well (unless you get all the way in and make bioluminescent “snow” angels!) but its ethereal beauty took our breath away. Every stroke of a paddle, every frantic scurrying of mullet leaping from the water, every gentle sweep of a hand through the dark waves lights the water up in a luminous, glowing cloud, often including sparkles of what look like under-water fireflies (comb jellies).

If you’re in Titusville, you should book with Epic Paddleboard Adventures — especially if you want to see your incredible guide do a headstand on a paddleboard in the middle of a glowing lagoon! (I so wish I were that talented–I would fall off, though.)

We came home muddy, happily tired, and covered in insect bites (Horseshoe Crab Island’s mosquitos do not mess around and are apparently immune to Deet!)

Every itchy welt was worth it, though. Maybe next time we’ll see if we can’t arrive (super) early and watch a rocket launch from our kayaks — it’s apparently the place for it!

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