• Trust.


    I like to think that making mistakes is a talent of mine. Everyone missteps every now and then, but my life’s track record tells me that when I do, I will likely be so severely punished for it. I usually never know what I’m doing wrong until I’ve actually done it and am knee-deep in […]

  • On Complicated, Angry Grief

    On Complicated, Angry Grief

    Grief groups don’t really cover complicated relationships full of unmet expectations. When my mother died, I went to a group full of sobbing people who dearly loved their departed. We were instructed to bring in cherished tokens that reminded us of our lost ones. I struggled to find even one, since my mother had a […]

  • Automattic Grand Meetup V. 2.0: My People

    Automattic Grand Meetup V. 2.0: My People

    Rarely in life do you foolishly dare to be entirely yourself, and somehow find your people. From chilling on a patio with the best team on Happiness, to partying a little too hard with the help of delicious homemade sangria, to rocking out on stage with some of the most talented people on the planet […]

  • Here’s to the fools who dream.

    Here’s to the fools who dream.

    Today, I wish myself the happiest anniversary of serendipity and following my heart. John Greenleaf Whittier, you, sir, are a pessimist: No gladder words of tongue or pen than these: what was, what is, and what is still to come.

  • Automattic Milestone

    Automattic Milestone

    Today, the barista at my favorite coffee shop asked if I’d like to open a tab. …You know you have a problem when… Truth: Co-working coffee allowances foster extreme caffeine addictions.

  • Operation: Rise and Shine is A-Go

    Operation: Rise and Shine is A-Go

    Pretty much everything I want out of life hinges on being an early riser. If I want to exercise and take care of my health, it needs to be in the morning, or I’ll talk myself out of it (because deep-fried sushi and comfy blankets are LIFE). If I want time to work on my […]

  • Happy birthday, Dad!

    Happy birthday, Dad!

    Who knew we’d be singing, “Who Will Buy” together in a show again? Fifteen years later? Have fun drinking that moonshine in “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves” — that’s going to be epic. You know, Seasons? That coffeeshop by your house?” “I think you mean Soho’s, Dad. Sojourners.” “Sojourners. With a ‘J’, not an ‘H’.”

  • My Heart is in San Francisco

    My Heart is in San Francisco

    “Life either begins or continues whenever you decide it does. The quality of your world exists inside your mind, really.” -Art Twain