On Identity and Grief: I Am Not One Thing

Who wants to read from every chapter in a very jumbled and random book? It’s then that I realize: there it is again, that very complicated grief.

The only person who’d want to read that book would be…

The Prodigal Father

Tonight, I’m left wondering: How was Telemachus supposed to feel after his father, Odysseus, returned home–and learned that dear old Dad like… slept with all these chicks and endangered all his crewmates and MAIMED SOME RANDOM CYCLOPS WHO WAS SIMPLY MINDING HIS BUSINESS?

Death Diaries: Part Two – The Redemption Arc

On Friday, we drove sixteen hours to return home from Arkansas to Florida.

This second trip was largely for Jason.

Sara Lou had called again last week, this time to tell us that Randy was in a hospice center, not dissimilar from my mother’s, and that he’d taken a turn.

This time, he was actively dying.

I swear, only Jason can visit a dying man and instill in him a powerful will to live.

Death Diaries: Part One

I can’t decide if I’m feeling my mother’s presence now, as we accompany the dying process with Jason’s father, or if I’m simply reminded of her own journey to death. Their two journeys couldn’t be more different, though… mostly, anyway.


I don’t know how we can each have twenty-four hours in a given day, and yet it can vary so. Much. In how long they each, one by one, take to pass. Today has been the second longest day of my life. The longest was the one I sat by my dying mother’s bedside. Today,Continue reading “24”

Putting Myself First with ADHD

The last time I remember (unintentionally) putting myself first, I was probably in high school; I was happy, I was healthy, and I was failing. Is it possible to put my wellness first AND be a fully functioning adult with ADHD? Let’s find out!