Jogging Thoughts: What Could Have Been With Medicine

Sometimes I wonder what kind of teacher I could have been had I been properly medicated for my thyroid issue. I don’t think I would have exactly been Jaime Escalante, but still. I think I could have been a lot more fun… or perhaps a lot less secretly miserable.

Why Planning Ahead is Hard with an Autoimmune Condition

I realize today why I hate making plans: I never know how I will feel in the future. I never know if I will have to cancel, or if I will have grit my teeth and force myself through it in the name of being a good friend, a good daughter, a good ally, a good person.

Only to collapse after.

Getting the COVID Vaccine with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: My Experience

“I feel like Batman beat me up,” a teacher friend told me a day after she received her second COVID vaccine.

“Adam West Batman or Ben Affleck Batman?”

“Christian Bale hockey pants Batman.”

True. Freaking. Statement.

I can confirm: the second (Pfizer) vaccination side effects are rather unpleasant, especially when you already exist in a state of chronic inflammation. It’s so incredibly worth it, though. TL;DR? Get your vaccine.

Exercising with Hypothyroidism: My Reality is Not My “Excuse”

“Tired? Aren’t you jazzed and energized from all that dancing?” she asked, since she’d seen me clumsily bouncing and spinning in a tired circle through the front window. “Exercise always gets me going!”

I laughed in reply; I have had this conversation more times and with more people than I can count.

In Defense of Carb-Heavy Fruits and Vegetables: Thyroid Heart Health

I’ve been (unsurprisingly) thinking a lot these days about health. Pandemic aside, my thyroid meds have needed to be adjusted again (hurray for Hashimotos!) — and as I’ve been learning more about my manageable-but-irritating-permanent companion, it’s led me to question more in-depth some of the passive beliefs that have been hammered into my skull overContinue reading “In Defense of Carb-Heavy Fruits and Vegetables: Thyroid Heart Health”

Hypothyroidism: Month Three

The fun part about this condition is when my meds get upped. Three months later, I’m still likely on too low a dose; I’ll feel GREAT for about a week, and then start to get tired. My feet start to crack and get gross and crusty again. I’ll wake up like clockwork in the morning, and then start to struggle.

So, here I am: dose has been upped again, 75 mcg of levothyroxine. Third time’s a charm!

Hypothyroid: One Month Since Starting T4-Only Treatment

This little T4 pill feels magical. Sure, I’m still tired in the mornings and do seem to still have less energy than everyone else (might just need a higher dose), but I am functional. I am functional. I am not broken. ❤ It's a touch rough, not being able to eat or drink anything of substance for an hour after taking my pill, but the benefits SO outweigh the drawbacks.