My Memory List

Well, here we sit: on the cusp of our new life chapter. It’s not exactly midnight on New Year’s Eve, but that’s reserved for Jason’s birthday anyway. So, why not make a list to be completed by July 15th, 2023?

Directions: Imagine you’re watching the clock strike midnight this New Year’s Eve next year. What are 50 memories you want to have from the past year? The memories on the list fall into 3 realms:

  • Likely: these are the most easily achieved, as they’re feasible and almost expected.
  • Possible: these are the ones that could happen, and with a bit of effort, they will.
  • Potential: these are unlikely, but wow, wouldn’t it be amazing if they were true?

Some will be small. Some will be big. Just brainstorm and have fun making a list! Don’t think about all the logistics that would go into accomplishing the memories. Just make a list of all the memories you’d like to have in 12 months.

Current List (July 2022-July 2023)

  • Swim in Devil’s Den or another spring around Florida [x]
  • Paint our bedroom a new color [x] (and finish the ceiling already!)
  • Have dinner with a dear friend or two from another city [x]
  • Visit a National Park
  • Manage to put my heels on the floor in that one yoga pose. Bonus: Do crow pose successfully.
  • Go on a wine tour.
  • Get a new stamp on my passport [x]
  • Get Jason’s 50th State! (And Sarah’s 25th!) [x]
  • See a play/concert at the local outdoor Amphitheater [PLANNED!]
  • Go to Disney World for the first time.
  • Publish my first book
  • Participate in a 5K, bubble run, or obstacle course
  • Drive up the East coast to Maine and back
  • See a dolphin, manatee, or other wildlife while kayaking somewhere new [x]
  • Spend time exploring the Florida Keys
  • Host a game night with friends [x]
  • Spend a day at a water park [x]
  • See an improv show [PLANNED!]
  • Go on an adventure worthy of a Hobbit (There and Back Again) [x]
  • Find an outdoor karaoke spot and sing my heart out
  • Build the Dart Board surround to protect the wall
  • Harness-train the big parrots
  • Organizing the garage for realsies [x]
  • Fertilize my garden and harvest their fruit
  • Finish my professional business card website and write one blog on it
  • Meet my co-workers in person [x]
  • Find Tiny Kitten a good home where there are no birdies to eat
  • Have a drink with friends in another state [x]
  • Make s’mores, hot dogs, and/or dinner around a campfire
  • Sample a new, regional cuisine [x]
  • See snow in person this year (the precipitation, not the people)
  • Go sturgeon fishing or clamming with my uncle
  • Crochet something Hobbity for cooler weather
  • Have coffee with a new friend
  • Complete NaNoWrimo (50K words in a month!)
  • Pass the 3rd Checkpoint in Duolingo