• Automattic Milestone

    Automattic Milestone

    Today, the barista at my favorite coffee shop asked if I’d like to open a tab. …You know you have a problem when… Truth: Co-working coffee allowances foster extreme caffeine addictions.

  • Three Wise Women – Who am I?

    Three Wise Women – Who am I?

    “Oh, they can be book characters? To the unending horror of Ray Bradbury’s immortal soul, I didn’t even think of Clarisse McClellan as a character from a novel.”  My characters: Elliot Reed, Clarisse McClellan, and the Crazy Bird Lady (replace cats with birds.)

  • Thoughts on Taking Care of Me

    Thoughts on Taking Care of Me

    Lessons learned from Automattic/working from home: If you didn’t take care of yourself before, you’re probably not going to start when you find yourself with more time. Remember to practice.

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