• Start 2020 Right: DON’T Do a Cleanse/Detox

    Start 2020 Right: DON’T Do a Cleanse/Detox

    Look: I want to live more healthfully in 2020 and am really excited to do that. However, don’t, “Detox your gut sludge!” Real, Honest Talk: If you are not feeling well, go see your doctor.

  • What “Marriage Takes Work” Actually Means

    What “Marriage Takes Work” Actually Means

    It’s pretty obvious that bad things will absolutely happen over the course of a long relationship: illness, death, random acts of a furious and vengeful God/dess. The usual. These, predictably, add stress to any relationship, but if your relationship is solid, you will weather every storm that the universe and/or your asshole family will throw […]

  • Hypothyroidism Diagnosis: It’s actually not you all, it’s ME!

    Hypothyroidism Diagnosis: It’s actually not you all, it’s ME!

    A few weeks back, I was in a rather unpleasant car accident. It turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me; I’d told my doctor I was fine after the car accident, no lasting damage, nothing else to report. But my blood tests said otherwise; I have lived with fatigue for so long, it just feels normal. This exhaustion-monster that’s stolen so much of my life has a name: it’s hypothyroidism.

  • Follow your feet home again.

    Follow your feet home again.

    I love to wander. Drop me into a strange city, and I’ll take great joy in wandering the streets, lost but enthralled. You find the most magical places that way; from a cozy Scottish tea cafe to a secluded rocky oasis next to the roaring sea, this is how my favorite memories are made.

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