Jogging Thoughts: What Could Have Been With Medicine

Sometimes I wonder what kind of teacher I could have been had I been properly medicated for my thyroid issue. I don’t think I would have exactly been Jaime Escalante, but still. I think I could have been a lot more fun… or perhaps a lot less secretly miserable.

Why Planning Ahead is Hard with an Autoimmune Condition

I realize today why I hate making plans: I never know how I will feel in the future. I never know if I will have to cancel, or if I will have grit my teeth and force myself through it in the name of being a good friend, a good daughter, a good ally, a good person.

Only to collapse after.

Exercising with Hypothyroidism: My Reality is Not My “Excuse”

“Tired? Aren’t you jazzed and energized from all that dancing?” she asked, since she’d seen me clumsily bouncing and spinning in a tired circle through the front window. “Exercise always gets me going!”

I laughed in reply; I have had this conversation more times and with more people than I can count.