• On Healthy Relationships: Maybe Love *Should* Be Conditional

    On Healthy Relationships: Maybe Love *Should* Be Conditional

    When I was younger, the most romantic thought in my head was that someone could love me unconditionally, in spite of all my flaws and faults and myriad poor life choices–so I made that my goal in my endeavors. To be able to love people (friends, family, romantic partners) without conditions. That road? The road of absolute, unconditional, “I will do anything, put up with anything, sacrifice anything for you” kind of love? That road leads to unhealthy relationships.

  • Love, Hiding in Plain Sight

    Love, Hiding in Plain Sight

    Oscar Wilde claimed that there are but two tragedies in this life: 1. not getting what you want, and 2. actually getting it. Then, I suppose, there are the two most incredible joys: the unexpected treasures and experiences that simply drop into your lap one day… and the ones you didn’t know you had waiting for you all along.

  • Live Happily Ever After: Become A Love Language Polyglot

    Live Happily Ever After: Become A Love Language Polyglot

    Polyglot. Adjective. Definition: Knowing or using several languages. Why not become a polyglot in all the love languages? A few days back, I was chatting online with a good friend of mine. She was super excited that her boyfriend had thoughtfully picked up something she’d been eyeing for months–but she seemed to almost feel guilty for appreciating the […]

  • What “Marriage Takes Work” Actually Means

    What “Marriage Takes Work” Actually Means

    It’s pretty obvious that bad things will absolutely happen over the course of a long relationship: illness, death, random acts of a furious and vengeful God/dess. The usual. These, predictably, add stress to any relationship, but if your relationship is solid, you will weather every storm that the universe and/or your asshole family will throw […]

  • Joie De Vivre

    Joie De Vivre

    It feels… suspicious… to be this consistently, blazingly happy. I have done nothing to earn it. I certainly don’t deserve it. It feels as if I caught happiness like an illness, that it should only be mine for a little while, a jubilant delirium as transient as a butterfly. I keep expecting its flight, a return to normalcy, and yet… I seem to have found my new normal in joy.

  • Cheers to 2018: Year of the Dog and Love

    Cheers to 2018: Year of the Dog and Love

    Oh, 2018: Words can do you no justice, and yet still I try! What started as an astoundingly dismal, uncertain year quickly blossomed into the greatest love story (so beautiful that I frequently blink back the pinprick of happy tears) that I have ever known. And I’ve read a lot of trashy romance novels. I started 2018 […]

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