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  • It’s 2 a.m. and I am in so much pain.

    It’s 2 a.m. and I am in so much pain.

    I woke up because every muscle in my body is on fire. Existing hurts. I did ten minutes of light yoga and walked 9k steps yesterday. The day before, I completed four exercises with 6lb weights or body weights. This isn’t DOMS. This is an autoimmune flare. Again. Sunday, I felt great. Good enough to […]

  • Hypothyroidism: Month Three

    Hypothyroidism: Month Three

    The fun part about this condition is when my meds get upped. Three months later, I’m still likely on too low a dose; I’ll feel GREAT for about a week, and then start to get tired. My feet start to crack and get gross and crusty again. I’ll wake up like clockwork in the morning, and then start to struggle. So, here I am: dose has been upped again, 75 mcg of levothyroxine. Third time’s a charm!

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